​​​​​​​The Veeder-Root Company: A history of innovation

For over 150 years, Veeder-Root's innovative solutions have supported industry needs. Throughout our rich history of manufacturing computing devices, we have continually helped our customers improve their products and processes by providing critical information when it's needed most.

Today Veeder-Root is the number-one supplier of automated tank gauges in the world, backed by an unmatched service network. When you entrust your fuel management needs to Veeder-Root, you’re assured of hassle-free compliance, reliable systems, advanced engineering and responsive service. We’re the right choice for operations with too much to lose — and much more to gain. We’re fluent in solving all kinds of problems for all types of fueling operations. No wonder over half a million customers around the globe count on us to prevent loss of product, profits — and sleep.



Veeder-Root Begin Counting Everything on Earth

The Root Company, maker of hinges and counting equipment is founded in Bristol, CT. Later in 1895, Curtis Veeder invents the Cyclometer to record miles traveled on a bicycle, giving many customers their first measurement of distance traveled.



Industry Counts on Veeder-Root

The Root and Veeder companies merge to create Veeder-Root, the largest manufacturer of counting and computing devices in the world. Many manufacturing processes relied on Veeder-Root counters, as did products such as voting machines, cash registers, and gasoline dispensers.



Contributing to the War Effort

Veeder-Root counters, used in many WWII vehicles, provide soldiers critical information. Post war, Veeder-Root introduces high speed counters for applications in navigational equipment, radar and industrial scales.



Counting Continued Growth

The Veeder-Root manufacturing facility in Altoona, PA opens as growth continues. In 1976 the 1,000,000th VR-101 Gas Pump Computer is produced.



The Forecourt Comes to the Forefront

Veeder-Root introduces the TLS-250 automatic tank gauge with enhanced features for accurate leak detection and inventory control. In 1984 the EPA's National UST regulations start.



Acquisitions Lead to Market Expansion

In 2001 Veeder-Root acquires best-in-class submersible pump manufacturer, Red Jacket and in 2002 the Gilbarco Veeder-Root business segment is created following the acquisition of Gilbarco. In 2014 Veeder-Root acquires FuelQuest, a fuel management business, and creates the Insite360 business unit.

Source: Veeder webpage

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