Gilbarco Veeder-Root HD Meter to minimize fuel drift, lower cost of ownership

HD fuel meter measures precise dispensing volume with minimal maintenance even when faced with high-contaminant levels.

The HD Meter™ - a new fuel meter to accompany Gilbarco Veeder-Root fuel dispensers. It was designed to minimize drift while providing long-term performance and minimal maintenance - even with abrasive fuels.

Consumer demand for clean, lower emission fuels is increasing. While better for the environment, these fuels create more contaminated fuel paths which increase fuel meter maintenance costs. It’s well known that Ethanol attracts water which leads to corroded elements of the fuel path. In addition, ultra-low Sulphur diesel may allow bacteria, called Humbugs, to multiply and thrive, also leading to corroded elements of the fuel path.

“With today’s abrasive fuels, a fuel meter must focus on long-term accuracy and minimal ongoing maintenance to be profitable,” said Danny Seals, Gilbarco Product Marketing Manager, Retail Dispensers. “We hired an independent group to perform field studies of fuel mixtures around the world to help us better understand concentrations and size of particulates by type of fuel. We used what we learned to build the most advanced high performance meter on the market—one that will deliver savings over the life of the fuel dispenser.”

The innovative design of the HD Meter enables it to set new benchmarks for performance, showing its superior handling of abrasive fuels, ability to cut drift by 50% and durability that is double that of traditional piston meters. It is engineered to exceed industry standards through the precision finish of the valve seat, long-lasting rotary valve and premium end covers. The HD Meter design features are configured to deliver consistent fuel flow, quickly recover from abrasive contaminants, better control the sealing surfaces, minimize fuel over-delivery and reduce calibrations.

“The HD Meter is an extremely accurate, heavy-duty fuel meter with a significantly longer life span than competitive meters,” said Seals. “It supports the types of fuel today’s customers want while lowering maintenance costs.

Source: Gilbarco webpage

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